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Здесь мы предлагаем Вашему вниманию небольшой альбом из фотографий разных вечеринок и презентаций, которые проходили в нашем кафе.

Мы принимаем:

About us
In the world, there are two museums of one of the most distinguished figures of XX century- Zigmund Freud – and two cafes, devoted to him. One of them is in Vienna, and the other one now is in Moscow. How may be connected the psychoanalytic mystery, taking place in a silence of the office on a famous Freudian couch, with the café “Freud” in the very center of Moscow?
Here is our answer: Moscow, as one of the creative cities of the world, accomplishes world humanitarian tendency of advancement psychoanalysis into life and this means assertion of love into life and resistance against disruptiveness, destruction and aggression.
Café “Freud” is a genuine territory of psychoanalysis, preaching supremacy of Eros over Tanatos, life-assertion over life-destruction, reminding everyone about the importance of personal development, able to love genuinely and work creatively.
Territory of the café “Freud” corresponds to psychoanalytic structure of personality: you see the hall “Ego”, corresponding to the principle of reality, “Ono”, coming from the principle of pleasure, “Super-Ego”- the zone of value-semantic principle.
While offering delicious food, café “Freud” leads everyone to: “Man shall not live by bread alone”. Psychoanalytic knowledge is accessible for everyone on the shelves of psychoanalytic library, in the hall “Ono”.
Conception of café’s design is worked out by the leading designers of psychoanalytical school Psychoanalytical Association of Russian Federation through the prism of atmosphere Zigmund Freud’s office.
Café “Freud” offers delicious European cuisine, harmonically combined with multicultural culinary brands, worked out by the chief-cook from Germany in close contact with PARF taking into consideration positive influence of food on the emotional state of human being. Original psychoanalytical titles of dishes are made up on the basis of free associations of specially selected group of tasters.

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Subway: Arbat, Lenin Library, the Alexander Gardens.
Address: Moscow, Bolshoi Kislovskiy lane, 1 b.2
Tel.:(495) 691-66-57

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